Yes, you need a website to properly promote your book!

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So, you are wondering why I say that it is necessary for you to get your own website in order to really promote your book in a manner that will make a huge difference. (Note: This is for any author whether you are published yet or not. If not just keep reading because I will get to you in a moment.)

Consider this for a moment: you put out an ad on, let's say, Facebook (or even better yet, you use the free methods of promotion that I suggest in my FREE e-Book that you receive after after you sign up for the FREE 7 Day Trial of Builderall). You have a great ad that converts well and you are getting a lot of people buying your book using your Amazon link. Now what? You have no further contact with that person because Amazon has collected their name and email, not you.

Later you decide that you would like to send those readers a free chapter of your next book to promote it (or maybe you have created a training course developed from your book, or you decide to sell T-shirts using the cover of your book as a design, the list could go on and on).

OH NO! Now you have NO way to contact these faithful readers! But... if you had included a link to your own website in your ad (a beautiful site that you built quickly and easily on the Builderall Templates that I send you), you would have been able to ask them to fill out a sign up form with their name and email in exchange for something from you, and now you would have their email address to continue sending them emails with all of these great ideas you have. And with Builderall you would have a built-in automatic email messaging system that would send out these emails with minimal setup.

Now let's say that you have joined some Facebook groups (see my FREE e-Book after you sign up for the FREE 7 Day Trial of Builderall for more info about joining the groups). You can only put a small amount of information on your FB profile, so how are you going to tell them about your new (or upcoming book if you are not yet published)? Easy! You put a link in your profile directing them to your new Brand Name, your domain name (like my PublishYourBook Brand). This way you can direct them to your blog, your newsletter, your giveaway to get their email address. This is a great way for non-published authors to start building a fan-base even before you are published.

Speaking of something that you would give them in exchange for their name and email... You could offer them a chance to win one of your books in a drawing. is a great place to have giveaways, drawings, etc. Or maybe you have written a short ebook about a hobby that you are passionate about. You could offer that free in exchange for their email. The possibilities are endless in regards to ways that you can collect emails, and this gives you a fan-base to continue contacting in various ways.

You could suggest that they buy your book for a friend or family member. You can remind them that your next book is due out soon and ask them to pre-order it.

I would like you to take a look at the website of one of my favorite new authors, Wayne Stinnett. He knows how to make use of his website for selling other things besides his books. Check it out at and you will see what I mean. In fact, if you go to any best-selling author's website, you will see how they utilize all that is available on their website.

Now, let's talk about blogging. I know, you may be thinking that blogging is way too much trouble. Well it doesn't have to be, and you will find out why very soon.

But in case you are not yet familiar with the word, it simply describes a way of telling other people online about things that you are interested in.

It can be about your book, your hobbies, your methods of personal growth, your pet peeves. Whatever you want to talk about, you can blog it.

Other than paying for ads, which is covered in the "Promote Your Book" PDF you will receive when you sign up below, blogging is the top way to get the word spread on the internet about your book!

I’ve written an article about blogging that will probably interest you if you are serious about promoting your book to the best of your ability so CLICK HERE to read it.

While we are talking about blogging, this is a good time to let you know that whenever you sign up for the FREE 7 Day Trial of Builderall you will be receiving your FREE personal website template. I can send you one of two different styles. The first is designed especially for blogging while the other is more for a personal website. Of course either one can be used for blogging, but the first one is laid out in a way that makes it easier for blogging.

Now... CLICK HERE to view my Builderall Sales Page Template (a $250 value) and get my FREE PDF (a $9.97 value) to give you more ideas about how to promote your book or sign up below.​​​​​​​

I'll see you inside Builderall soon,


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